Crowdfunded Jimmy goes open

Well, that was worthwhile. By this morning I got to a hundred and fifty bucks off my target, and was mindful that I’d pretty much maxed out all my networks. So I crossed my fingers, gave it one more plug, and within seconds, an old, dear friend sailed to my rescue.

100% pledged

In the past, my barrier to this game was the fear of looking vulnerable. Needy. And what if it didn’t make target? But when the offer came up to blog OSOS onto the Scoop platform, and to do so in a voluntary capacity, it just seemed natural. What could be more open, right?

Mostly. Once we got underway, there were times when it felt a bit like an Amway meeting, which I confess I’ve endured once or twice in my sad life. It’s the bit about hooking into your mates. My apologies if I’ve swamped your timelines, etc.

The difference is that Amway is a corporate vampire whoring itself on the alter of cash (at least, I think that’s the case, isn’t it?), while I’m just me, doing what I love to do: writing stories about stuff that happened, and stuff that could, or might, or should not happen.

So, Open Source // Open Society. Here’s some stuff:

Firstly, the programme.If there’s something you want me to cover, let me know. My workshop pics are the Open Democracy, Consenting to Surveillance (cheery subject), Open Cities, Civic VR, and Tapu Data.

If you can make it along in person, here’s Chelsea Robinson’s top 5 for surviving the gig. Be whole, be human, be diverse, be open, be on a mission.

The conference features big rooms with one talker and small rooms with workshops. These all come in three flavours: technology (including some cool looking Drupal project management stuff with my friends from Xequals), business (lots of teamwork and collaboration stuff), and democracy (now we’re talking). 

I see that the workshops will all be recorded and streamed, so if I haven’t shared the viewing platform for that by the time we go up on Aug 22 please hassle me about it. 

Here’s a great summary of currently unfolding Government policies on open source software (OSS), by Joseph Cederwall. While OSS might be a pain for a certain kind of manager, we don’t need to cast our minds back terribly far to see big problems in locked up proprietary systems *cough* Novopay. The subject looks set for a solid workout with Cam Findlay and Keitha Booth.

I’m still getting on board with the back end of the blogging gear, and will have more on the publishing pages as I get there. Meanwhile, this looks pretty good: the conference blog page (hmmm, could be a clue).

So, that’s where my head’s at. Thanks a bundle to everyone who’s chipped in, in one way or another, to get me on the plane.

Hmm. WordPress is messing with my formatting. I’ve taken the bold step of poking around in the HTML which has cleared some of it up, but not all. Too late to do any more on it now. If it’s illegible on your screen let me know and I’ll go back in.

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