Open source Wellington

I love Wellington. Like many people, I have a default association with the capital and a certain kind of art community: a funky one. I directed a few plays there many years ago, and an opera or two, and first learned how to hang out in art galleries. Since then there’s been a burgeoning music scene. And, as the capital, and a small one, my sense is there’s a professional requirement for most people to maintain a mindfulness of people other than themselves.

So I always like returning there, or I should say, here, because here I am. This time though it feels the-same-but-different. I’ll be at OSOS the next two days and looking at how society can benefit from the open source ethos.

I’m about to split to the gig. My posts will be going live on Scoop. I’ll also paste up what I can on my Facebook and Twitter. There are three main strands to the conference: democracy, technology and business. I’ll be focussing mostly on democracy, with a twist of business. That said, any special requirements, interviews, etc., our lines are open.

Stay tooned!


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