Optimism at French Bay Yacht Club

My local yacht club is not the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, or anything like it, thank God! No, it’s the French Bay Yacht Club, which sits on poles over the Manukau mudflats. You can sail there within maybe 2 hours of high tide. Outside of that, and you’re walking, knee deep in slime.
Still there’s a keen young crew there and a happy vibe of nice folks who punch above their weight at national and regional comps. By clicking on this link – today and every day in March – you’re giving them a $5 vote in The Trusts “Million Dollar Mission”. If they hit target, then they can buy some Optimist sailing dinghies to pass on some sailing tricks to the youngsters. How awesome is that? It’s totally awesome. 
But it needs your vote! That’ll be the only donation you make all year that won’t cost you a cent. This is why us westies don’t mind keeping the booze out of the supermarkets: so folks like you – anyone – can then tell The Trusts (who sell the booze) what to do with the proceeds.

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